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FD vlog 007 - Ivan Cohen Interview

Helena Hubena and Lisa Chan talk to Ivan Cohen from The Horizon Group of Companies, to get answers to 3 frequently asked accounting and insurance questions.

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Why get a property valuation?

The main purpose of obtaining a property valuation report is to gain a professional and unbiased analysis of a property’s current value in a competitive market, but it can yield much more information than just one final number.  Often, the report will include a list of maintenance issues which require attention and could even give…

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Where has the year gone?

Where are we going? If you decide to go on a week’s holiday you wouldn’t normally just jump in the car and take off, would you? You would need to consider many things before leaving: Where do you want to go? Where to stay? Availability of accommodation? What to take with you? How much money…

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Steps to successful property investment

Property has been considered a popular path to wealth for Australians for many years. It has the Potential to generate capital growth (an increase in the value of your asset) as well as rental income. There are also tax advantages associated with negative gearing. However, when buying an investment property, it is wise to remember…

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You may already have what it takes to be a good property investor

...and it’s not necessarily a six figure salary! Did you know that your skill and experience in managing a tight budget could make you a better property investor than some big spending high income earners? We often meet people who are hooked on the good life: living in expensive suburbs, fancy cars, frequent dining out…

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Is a bank valuation holding you back from your dream home?

For many, owning your own home is still the definition of the great Australian dream. We crave the security, desire the lifestyle and long for the freedom that comes with home ownership. But applying for a loan isn’t always easy. There are plenty of hoops to jump through, and organising a bank valuation is just…

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Tips to getting started on the investment property ladder...

Start by paying off any high interest consumer debts (credit cards, car loans etc). There would be no point earning 5%+ pa on an investment if you are paying 15%+ on credit card debt. Set up automatic deductions from your salary to accelerate repayments. Continue the salary deductions alter your debts are paid off. This…

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Positive vs Negative Gearing

What investment strategy is right for you? When can a negative be beneficial? When It makes you money of course. When considering any good investment be it property, shares or cash, the main aim is to generate a return in the form of income (sometimes called yield), a capital gain or a combination of the…

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Using the equity in your home to purchase an investment property

If you are already repaying your own home or another investment property, you may be able to use the equity you have built up to purchase an additional property. Let’s use an example to explain this process. Your lender is going to require that the loan amount is less than 80% of the value of…

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Are you a Property Optimist?

While Australian investors have a lot to be optimistic about in 2017, the property pessimists will be out there looking for their typical excuses as to why it’s still not a good time to invest. Now, we don’t have a crystal ball and we're not economists, but it appears that there are many indicators to…

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