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December 2014

December property report

With 2014 almost at end we thought that this month’s property could be used to give an idea about what lies ahead in 2015. Across the country in November capital city home values fell by -0.3%, but grew by 0.8% for the past three months and 8.5% over the past year. Only Sydney (1.0%), Brisbane(0.4%), Perth (0.9%) and Hobart (0.2%) recorded value rises for the month. The big loser was Melbourne which fell by 2.6% for November. However, capital city home values rose in each capital city over the past year. The greatest increases were recorded in Sydney (13.2%), Melbourne (8.3%), Brisbane …

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Investing with Super

How much do you need in $$$$? You generally need between a 20- 30% deposit plus costs, depending on the type of trustee for the SMSF. However the general rule of thumb is that it is only worthwhile to have a SMSF if the total super is around $150,000 due to the various setup and maintenance expenses.   What sort of property can you buy? Any property purchased using a SMSF must satisfy the sole purpose test. Whereby the fund/investment decisions for SMSFs must be made for the sole purpose of providing retirement benefits to its members (at retirement time). …

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