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May 2016

Money and Marriage

An important part of the wedding vows is “for richer or poorer” and we’d all prefer the former! But after the euphoria of the wedding day passes, many couples leave their financial management to chance. Money often becomes a bone of contention, especially if each has different goals and attitudes. It’s unlikely that anyone would vow on their wedding day “I will love and honour you, keep only one credit card and pay it off every month”, but seriously, couples need to develop their own financial vows. It’s not very romantic however this five-step guide could save a lot of …

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Frequently Asked Questions – Rates/Accounts

What is the lowest interest rate available? This is a very difficult question to answer as it depends on the lender’s promotions and your specific situation. It will vary frequently, and may even change from day to day. However, it should be noted: sometimes the loan product with the lowest interest rate may not be the most suitable loan for your situation. What is a fixed rate? Home and investment loan interest rates are divided into 2 types: Variable rates A ‘variable interest rate’ is an interest rate can be changed or varied (i.e. increased or decreased) at any time …

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