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April 8, 2014

Perth April Property Report

The past twelve months to March have been good to Australian property values with every state capital increasing in price. The capital city average has risen to 10.6% on the back of Sydney (15.6%) and Melbourne (11.6%) strong property market. Although Perth (4.7%) was lower, Brisbane (4.8%) was the only other city ahead of it. However, Perth recorded a -0.6% drop in values for the quarter while Melbourne (5.4%), Hobart (4.7%) and Sydney (4.4%) were the only cities to have a value growth of more than 4% for the past three months. Despite a slow quarter Perth (2.3%) is one …

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Cross Collateralisation vs Standalone: What is the best option?

Neither involve the transaction of physical cash but instead use equity from existing portfolios. Cross collateralisation Cross collateralisation is the term used to describe when two or more properties are used to secure another loan by the same lender. When you have loans cross collateralised, the lender in question is securing the aggregate of all your borrowings with the total of all your security. However there are some negatives associated: Loss of control If one of the properties is sold it is the lenders decision how the funds are used, not the investor. Often they will use the proceeds to …

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Why work with a financial planner

Working out what the best option is for your money can be a stressful and daunting decision. You may benefit from professional and objective advice to head you in the right direction.  A financial planner creates a detailed strategy to not only keep you financially secure but help reach your goals. Using their state of the art advice tools, experience and exclusive information sources they develop a plan that will maximise your returns. Depending on what you are investing in there may be a range of products for you to choose from. A planner has the negotiating skills and market …

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