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Why work with a financial planner

Why work with a financial planner

Working out what the best option is for your money can be a stressful and daunting decision. You may benefit from professional and objective advice to head you in the right direction.  A financial planner creates a detailed strategy to not only keep you financially secure but help reach your goals.

Using their state of the art advice tools, experience and exclusive information sources they develop a plan that will maximise your returns. Depending on what you are investing in there may be a range of products for you to choose from. A planner has the negotiating skills and market knowledge to acquire one which suits your strategy the best.

Planners have the training and experience to identify opportunities and risks you may not have considered. Importantly they can help you make informed, rather than emotional decisions. By providing an objective view of your situation you will be educated to be more disciplined with your finances and ultimately more successful. Importantly, planners will also explain any mistakes you are making and how you can resolve them, saving you in the future.

The right financial advice can also help set you up for life after work. 86% of baby boomers have admitted they feel they are financially unprepared, but by using a Financial Planner you can work out how much you will need and the right pathway to get there. Even though it may seem like a long time away the sooner you start the more likely you will accomplish your financial objectives and live your retirement years in the lifestyle you have always desired.

Whether you are planning for a deposit on a home , retirement, a holiday, or your children’s education a financial planner can make the right decisions for you. An annual meeting will keep you on track to reach your goals and it is comforting knowing there is someone who understands your finances. By building your wealth now you can be confident with your money and look forward to the future with your family.

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