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Congratulations to the 2017 BWA Dams Challenge participants!
Thanks to everyone for making the event such a success.

If you registered for a chance to win the Grand Prize…
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If you find a better deal on your loan and we cannot match or beat it,
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As part of our partnership with Bicycling Western Australia, we have committed to providing BWA with a financial benefit as a result of every loan we facilitate from the Dams Challenge. This financial support will be used to help BWA make bike riding easier, safer and more accessible for all Western Australians.

“It is hard to explain how well they listened to my needs, and then went on to find on the perfect solution (same bank, lower rate) and have it sitting in my emails within a day. As soon as I agreed, the process was so simple and Finance Detective kept me fully informed of where the process was at any point in time. It has been the best service I have received from any industry in a long time.

I can’t recommend the Finance Detective Team enough.”

Jenni Campbell – 2017 Dams Challenge entrant

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