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Property Investment - Are you sitting on the fence?

Why people DO it Around 20% of Australians invest in property for: Potential capital growth Rental income Tax benefits They tend to consider property one of the more solid, less volatile forms of investment because you can actually touch bricks and mortar. They like the feeling of getting ahead financially. They don't want to be…

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FD vlog 005 - Travis Meyer Introduction

Travis Meyer (Finance Executive) & Warren Dworcan (Managing Director), briefly discuss Travis joining Finance Detective.

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Will you outlive your super?

Do you find yourself thinking... Gee 50 came around so fast. We’re worried that we’re not doing enough planning for our retirement. Will we end up on the pension? Can we live the lifestyle we want on the pension? Will our superannuation be swallowed up paying off the balance of our mortgage when we retire?…

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6 ways to shop smarter this Christmas

The Australian Retail Association predicts Australians will spend $48.1 billion in retail stores this Christmas. If trends are correct, this is a 2.3% increase on last year. We all want to spoil our loved ones and show them how much we care, but it’s important to remember that once the holiday season is over, it’s…

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Travel like Royalty - Get more travel bang for your Aussie buck

Travelling overseas in the next 6 months? Everyone wants to get value for money when travelling overseas, because let’s face it, overseas trips don’t come around that often. To help you holiday like royalty for less, we at Finance Detective have taken a closer look at the Aussie dollar to discover where you will get…

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Boost your balance before Christmas

The countdown to Christmas is definitely well under way. But don’t fret, it’s not too late to start saving. If you’re keen to save up some extra funds and pile more presents under your Christmas tree, here are a few things you can do to squirrel away more cash for the festive season. Out with…

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FD vlog 004 - RBA update

Warren Dworcan (Managing Director @ Finance Detective), comments on the upcoming November RBA update.

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The Low Down on Loan Comparison Rates – What you need to know

In 2003 it became mandatory for financial institutions to display comparison rates when advertising loans. Why? - The government could see a trend developing. Lenders were advertising loans with low interest rates, yet on closer inspection, the extra bank fees and charges affected the loan’s overall cost. It was becoming too hard for borrowers to…

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FD vlog 003 - RBA update

Warren Dworcan (Managing Director @ Finance Detective), comments on the recent October RBA update.

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6 Steps Every Smart Investor Takes Before Investing

There’s no doubt about it, deciding where to invest your hard earned cash is a big decision. We know that creating an investment portfolio isn’t a simple task, but the process can be made easy with the right amount of planning and a little foresight. So where do you begin? We’ve come up with a…

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