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A premium, award-winning financial solutions firm, located in Perth, Western Australia.
We’ve won numerous awards and saved our clients millions of dollars along the way.
We consider ourselves to be project managers, not mortgage brokers. We take the holistic approach to looking after each client’s overall financial well-being. Rather than simply finding the most suitable loan, we project manage every step of our clients’ financial objectives.
Our highly qualified and dedicated staff are equipped to deal with all aspects of the mortgage market and it’s associated complexities. Our business is built on excellent customer service, we value and treat every client with respect and professionalism.
We have the desirable reputation of being problem-solvers, due to our ability to find innovative solutions. Often, we can find answers to questions other companies would avoid. We strive to deliver the best possible solution to every scenario that we encounter.
Over the years, we have collected several accolades as one of the top performing financial solutions providers in Australia. While this isn’t why we provide great service and innovative solutions, it’s nice to have our efforts acknowledged occasionally.





[Finance Detective] represents the future for mortgage broking... a truly diversified business , including commercial and asset finance

- David O’Toole -

the ability to form great relationships will take you a long way fast… it is crucial to have the right people if they are to drive you in the right direction

- Warren Dworcan -

Our Promise

Finance Detective is committed to providing clients with more than simple loan product information,
our qualified team of experts strive to provide out of the box solutions.


Our aim is to help our clients achieve their goals and guide them through the intricacies of the entire loan process.


Our service is obligation free and at no cost to you.

We will save you time by doing all the necessary research and paperwork required to complete your loan enquiry.


Finance Detective is accredited with over 30 lenders.

Without preference to any lender – our first and only loyalty is to our clients. It is in the client’s best interest for us to find the most advantageous and cost effective loan available… we do our best to achieve that goal every time.


Our principal, Warren has been awarded national broker of the year for 2013 and 2012. We are not the BEST of the BEST without knowing exactly what we are doing.

We pride ourselves on our product knowledge, investment experience and understanding of the industry.

Trustworthy Advice

We are here to help our clients achieve their goals and guide them through the intricacies of the entire loan process.

Our goal is to provide quality service, expert advice and cost savings to our clientele.

You can trust in Finance Detective.

Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you
with know-how and experience in your daily business.
  • Home Loans

    Whether you are a home buyer or property investor, choosing the right mortgage can be a life changing decision. It's important you get a loan that suits your needs, talk to us for the best options.

  • Commercial Loans

    We are a highly experienced commercial brokerage with a large network of lenders at your disposal. We are able to assist with professional investors, developers or experienced occupiers.

  • Refinancing

    The Finance Detective team are specialists in refinancing. By understanding the growing market and new home loan products we make sure that you’re getting the right loan as well as the best rate.

  • Insurance

    We understand the importance of family - you want to ensure your loved ones are properly protected. We source the best insurance policies for life, income, trauma and disability... at the lowest cost.

  • Financial Planning

    Financial decisions can be stressful and many avoid making them as they don't want to make mistakes. However, make the right choices and you can set yourself up for retirement and achieve financial freedom.

  • Super Consolidation

    Billions of dollars of lost super are sitting unclaimed. Do you want to know if part of this gigantic pool of cash belongs to you? We can help you find and consolidate all your super accounts.

  • Property Reports

    Are you interested in a property, want more detailed information about the property and surrounding area? We can acquire a detailed property report for you, FOR FREE, all you need to do is ask.


Finance Detective provides solutions for consumers,
Medical Finance Detective caters to Medical Professionals,
Corporate Finance Detective offers special services for businesses and corporations.
Click the company names below to visit the full sites.


Data and knowledge are powerful tools. We strongly believe in empowering our clients, through education and with useful information.

That’s why we’ve decided to offer complimentary RP Data reports. These reports include past and recent sales data, rental estimate information and even suburb profiles.

Fill in the form, to receive a complimentary report.

We may contact you if we require additional information to generate the report.

Data is your best source of knowledge when looking to purchase a property. When considering a purchase ensure that you look at what other properties have sold for in the local area and what price other properties are listed for.

Cameron Kusher – Senior Analyst at RP Data.logo-corelogic-rpdata

Request a Free Report

We have a diverse range of personnel working hard
to bring you a wide array of skills, thoughts, and ideas.

Warren Dworcan

Managing Director

Warren’s ability to forge strong relationships, his insatiable drive and his innovative thinking have thrust him to the top of the finance industry. Finance Detective, with Warren leading the charge, delivers top creative solutions to clients.

Tony Dworcan

Executive Director

Having some 50 years of business experience in dealing with “The People Industry”, Tony rounds off our group with the experience necessary to direct our highly motivated and capable team.

Jill Lee

General Manager

Jill’s meticulous approach to delivering financial solutions has earned her the respect of clients in both domestic and corporate markets. She plays an integral role in ensuring that our team of finance specialists constantly deliver market-leading customised solutions and service.

Asher Walters

Systems & IT Manager

Asher’s diverse information and communication technology experience, across both public and private sectors, allows him to provide cutting-edge technical solutions to support the delivery of Finance Detective’s customer service experience.

Hugh Miller

Senior Finance Executive

Hugh is a vastly experienced Finance Professional, with over 15 years experience. Specialising in all home loan, commercial loan and various other credit facilities, Hugh
has been recognised nationally as a standout performer with an aptitude for developing business.

Bruce Thomas

Senior Finance Executive

Bruce is totally client focused, with 25 years of retail and commercial banking experience. He excels in providing assistance on all aspects of lending. He is especially experienced in structuring investment property loans, to assist clients with financing their property portfolios.

Jodi Hackford

Finance Executive

Jodi is a financial services specialist with a reputation for delivering strategic and effective financial solutions for her clients. Jodi is an expert in residential lending for owner occupiers, both in refinancing and purchases. She has a great deal of experience with investment construction loans as well as assisting financially restricted clients.

Lisa Chan

Finance Manager

Lisa has worked in the Finance Industry for over 3 years and is experienced in equipment finance from her previous employment. She is also also highly proficient in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Brian Jeong

Finance Manager

Brian’s strong customer focus and communication with brokers has helped to improve the loan processing time for his clients while achieving the best outcomes. Working in finance in other countries has provided Brian with the skills to communicate with many of our foreign clients.

Garima Parekh

Finance Manager

Garima has worked in the Lending area since 2003, having worked for HDFC Bank and multinationals like GE Money & HSBC Bank in India from where she moved to WA in May 2012, she is keen to provide the best service experience and outcome for clients.

Our Affiliates

We’ve found some great partners to give you the best service possible.
Our affiliates work with us to find the most suitable solutions for your needs.
We've worked tirelessly to become one of the top performing financial solutions providers in Australia. Sometimes we are even recognised for all our hard work.

Top 25 Brokerage

Non-Franchise Office OTY

Best Independent Office

Best Residential Broker

Major Broker OTY – Non Franchise

Top 100 Broker

Excellence Award

Top 25 Brokerage

Elite Business Writer

Broker of the Year

Residential Broker OTY

Top 25 Brokerage

Elite Business Writer

Top 100 Broker

Broker of the Year

Residential Broker OTY

Top 25 Brokerage

Top 100 Broker

Quality Young Gun OTY


We have had an interesting journey on the way to becoming one of Australia’s top performing financial solutions providers. See below for a timeline of some of our major milestones.

  • 2015
  • Medical Finance Detective Launched

    March 30, 2015
  • Finance Detective Launch Party

    Rate Detective Finance becomes Finance Detective as the company focus broadens from simply rate related products

    March 12, 2015
  • Corporate Finance Detective Launched

    March 11, 2015
  • 2014
  • Finance Detective move to new premises

    Finance Detective move to new, spacious, professional offices Unit 1, 799 Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley

    December 8, 2014
  • 2013
  • ABA Broker of the Year 2013

    Warren is recognised as ABA Residential Broker and overall Broker of the Year for 2013

    June 23, 2013
  • 2012
  • Rate Detective Finance established

    As our service offering broadens, a name change is require to better represent our business

    October 16, 2012
  • ABA Broker of the Year

    Warren is recognised as ABA Residential Broker and overall Broker of the Year for 2012

    July 30, 2012
  • ABA Boutique Brokerage of the Year

    Finalist - Rate Detective Home Loans

    June 23, 2012
  • 2011
  • AMA Small Brokerage of the Year

    Finalist - Rate Detective Home Loans

    June 21, 2011
  • 2009
  • Rate Detective Home Loans established

    August 1, 2009
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